Convenient Blockchain Payment Platform,
Powered by WIZBLpay.

WIZBLpay is a new cryptocurrency payment system based on the
Blockchain technology. WIZBL extends its Blockchain platform by
developing a cryptocurrency payment system that caters both to
businesses and customers for practical use of the Blockchain technology
in our society.

About wizblpay

Convenient Cryptocurrency Payment
System for Real-time Transactions

Utilizing the Blockchain technology enables easy payments
through the exchange of different cryptocurrencies, remittance
between users, and recharging of the WPY.
It is a mobile APP that makes it easy for both the users and
merchants to use.

Conceptual Diagram

위즈블페이 플랫폼 개념도 위즈블페이 플랫폼 개념도


  • Offline Payment

    WIZBLpay supports both QR and NFC payments, as well as real-time deposit/withdrawal processing between users and merchants.

  • Remittance Service

    WIZBLpay supports mutual transaction between users.

  • Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet

    Securely stores Bitcoin, Ethereum, WIZBL, and other cryptocurrencies and enables quick and easy deposit/withdrawal processing.

  • Real-time Exchange System

    Major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, can be exchanged instantly via P2P with low fee.

  • Anonymity and Security

    Reliable security systems including bank level security and a next-generation account protection (https, secondary authentication, IP blocking, etc.)

Retail Store Application Guidance

  • Separate terminal in store, no POS installation required
  • QR code scan is completed through the APP in the store
  • Ability to view sales aggregation status from the APP retail store menu
  • Real-time deposits with low fee and payments
  • Apply for Retail Store on WIZBLpay APP

  • Service Consultation

  • Additional Documents Registration(Contract of use, Business Regulation)

  • Issuance of Retail Store ID

  • Complete
    (Store Promotion Registration)